A Dance of Shadows

Jacks Log 1

Was approached by Artemisa Sapphire a high ark in the guild at Nexus. To find her adopted daughter Arvia. Two other people where already searching for her and I was told where to find them, their trail was not hard to follow and after some hard work clearing a fallen tunnel I was able to get to them. Though they we somewhat untrusting we where able to save young Arvia. She was captured and being hunted by a fay called Lillie. Apparently Arvia is important to some group called fate, as she is pivotal in destroying it. I was gravely wounded in the escape luckily Gimble was with me and helped carry the day. Brunheildr Has collected the money for this adventure and we will distribute it soon.

The Shadow of Denandsor

During the calibration celebration Marcus(RJ) and Marius(Jason) notice Arvia steal a piece of bread from the baker’s stand. They attempt to distract the baker, helping Arvia steal a piece of bread with Marcus’ wolf grabbing a bread and running off. A while later 3 dragon blood with muted clothing come into the town looking for Arvia and Marcus shows them where she had been spotted earlier. The Dragon blood head off in the direction Arvia ran, which is the road to Nexus. Shortly after Marcus and Marius take off after them staying back abit. On the second night traveling the notice a women covered in veils following the same road. They follow her through the night and right at daybreak notice her disappear like a ghost. Marius takes to the air and sees they are about a days walk to Nexus which is alot closer than expected. He also sees a caravan heading from nexus down the road. After he lands and tells Marcus what he saw they hear screams coming from dow n the road. Marius grabs Marcus and they fly towards the caravan. As they land Marius sees the woman disappear again and the caravan is destroyed. As they land three zombies rise. They quickly defeat them with minimum damage (3 exp a piece).


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